Leonardo Demartino

Leonardo Demartino

Programmer & Head of Mobile development

About Me

Hello! My name is Leonardo Demartino and I have been making programs since my father taught me Turbo Basic when I was 10.

I love multimedia development, game design, beautiful code, chiptunes, Bitcoin and coffee of course! :)

I have worked with Java/C# (Network, Swing, Bitcoin, Unity, OpenGL, Android, Games, LibGDX), publishing apps on iOS Appstore, Google Play, Mac App Store, Itch.io, for Lemonchili Games company and also as myself with my own apps. I use a lot C/C++ (SDL, OpenGL, UI, OOP, Android, iOS) too.

I know also how to do Front-End (JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap) and Back-End (PHP, JSP, SQL, Node.js) stuff

My Projects